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Updating columns

by on Aug.12, 2015, under Opinion

Here’ s link

To current columns 5/15-8/15

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Just updated my columns from Jewish World Review. Feel free to spread around

by on Apr.06, 2015, under Opinion

Why, Exactly, Do We Need A Woman President? 3/24/2015


Communism’s Useful Idiots in Hollywood and the Media 3/18/2015


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I apologize for not posting but I lost my login info and had a terrible time resetting it.

by on Mar.01, 2015, under Opinion

I have been writing exclusively for Jewish World Review  for several months. The easiest way to access my archives is to access the sites.

Here is the link

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My three latest columns from Jewish World Review

by on Sep.21, 2014, under Opinion

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If you can help, please donate to my brother’s page

by on Aug.24, 2014, under Opinion


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Media clueless about inner city 8/20/2014

by on Aug.23, 2014, under Opinion

Can’t believe we’ve learned nothing about why people riot. Because they can thanks to MSM. My last column

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Jewish self-loathing- 8/13/2014

by on Aug.23, 2014, under Opinion

This column got beaucoup reactions

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Can’t get my mind straight on art work

by on Aug.23, 2014, under Opinion

Since I learned my brother has stage 4 colon cancer. If you can help please donate to his page

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This Catholic looks at Israel/Gaza crisis in amazement

by on Jul.28, 2014, under Opinion

Some American Jews need to look in the mirror when looking for blame in the rise of global anti-Semitism. Many are self-loathing Jews who insist that our government should not be kowtowing to Israeli interests. They also always vote for the Democrat Party whose leaders mouth platitudes of support for Israel but in reality lend it to those who’ve vowed to destroy that small country. Thanks to the biased, propagandized coverage of the Gaza crisis, anti-Israel protests have exploded around the Globe.  They really have nothing so much to do with Gaza as it is a venting of anti-Semitic hatred freely exposed.


I’ve written dozens of columns relating to the overt demonstrations of anti-Semitism voiced in various segments of society because those voicing them felt that I, as a Catholic, shared their hatred. Only in Israel do we still hear that mantra-“Never again” when referring to the Holocaust. Many American Jews think that such a horror is impossible. Yet we now see thousands of protests against Jews in Paris and even in Chicago where shouts of “kill the Jews” ring out in the streets. Jewish businesses are being torched. Jewish students in Chicago are being told to, “get into the ovens.”


Those awful words were heard in Crown Heights in 1991 during the Dinkins administration during a three day pogrom that raged before the mayor made any effort to end it with police force. While the Middle East explodes in violence and anti-Semitic mobs rage through Europe and in Canada, Obama blightly continues to fundraise for the DNC. Guess who is still donating to this loser of a party? Jeffrey Katzenberg, Harvey Weinstein, Steven Spielberg, David Zuckerberg and so many others who should know by now that this administration is no friend of Israel. One supposes that these non secular Jews believe they are safe from the anti-Semitism. They may be successful in business and the arts but they are beyond dumb when it comes to politics.

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Columnists at newspapers do not always have control over headlines

by on Jul.22, 2014, under Opinion

I hated how my editors at the NY Sun wrote headlines that did not fit the column. Ditto at the Staten Island Advance. The Irish Examiner USA editor Graham Curtis was great . Too bad they quit publishing

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